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Fun Stuff About Chocolate


Pronunciation: ˈCHäk(ə)lit, ˈCHôk-
Function: noun
Etymology: Spanish, from Nahuatl chocolAtl 
Date: 1604

1: a beverage made by mixing chocolate with water or milk
2: a food prepared from ground roasted cacao beans
3: a small candy with a center (as a fondant) and a chocolate coating
4: a brownish gray

- chocolate adjective 

Scientific name: Theobroma Cacao (in Greek, theobroma means God food)

Pecan Carmel Patties

 Interesting Links:

All About Blue Frog Chocolates  A Podcast Interview by Craig Kraemer, of, April 6, 2012:  "Rick Streiffer and his wife, Ann, own Blue Frog Chocolates on Magazine Street in uptown New Orleans. Rick, who is a full-time physician, works part-time at Blue Frog and has become quite an expert on chocolate. In his dual role as doctor and chocolatier, Rick is the perfect person to describe the possible health benefits of chocolate. He explains where chocolate originated and where we get most of our chocolate today. He recounts chocolate's history and gives us a glimpse of how cacao beans are processed before they become the chocolate we all know and love. Finally, Rick gives us a lesson in the best way to eat chocolate - but a true chocolate lover must have extraordinary will power to eat chocolate the way he suggests. Listen here!

How Chocolate Can Save the Planet - NPR, 2007  "Many people agree that chocolate is good for the soul, and researchers are finding that chocolate can be good for the body, too. But the environment? How could chocolate help with global climate change?"  

The Fate Of The World's Chocolate Depends On This Spot In Rural England NPR 2015  Potential threats to the world's chocolate supply are the focus of this research center. "Every cocoa tree that travels the world starts with a vacation here in the British countryside."

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