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Chocolate - Nature's way of making up for okra!™

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Chocolate Tastings

Ever wondered about where chocolate comes from or how it is made?

Learn about the origins of chocolate, how it makes its way from rain forrests to you and the multitudes of chocolate flavors

Few foods have such a rich origin, history and, yes, even intrigue as chocolate.  Love, mystery and pleasure are all associated with the fascinating history of chocolate.

Enjoying high-quality chocolate is an experience like no other. The flavors are rich and complex, and there can be a large variation in flavors and overtones among various chocolates, based on origin, growing characteristics, and processing.

Proper 'chocolate tasting' is not unlike wine tasting. Each type of chocolate contains its own set of unique flavor profiles. Since the cacao bean is the source of all chocolate, its flavors can be imparted by a multitude of variables, such as topography, weather, soil conditions, post-harvesting processing and of course genotypic properties. With so many variables affecting the flavor of just one chocolate bar, it's important to taste properly so that you can extract and enjoy the fullest flavor potential.
Please call us for questions about pricing and availability. We welcome Schools, Clubs, Organizations, Bachelor/ette parties or "just for fun" events.
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