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Chocolate - Nature's way of making up for okra!™

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Legend of the Blue Frog


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Aztec legend holds that chocolate, the “food of the gods,” was hidden from human beings inside cocoa pod beans by the sun god, Nanahuatzin. Mankind owes our knowledge of the divine dish to Xocolati, the god of delight. Xocolati appeared to humans as a blue frog and sang his distinctively delightful song from the bitter waters of the great pond, giving pleasure to the hot tropical nights.

It was Xocolati, legend says, that led humans to open the strange cocoa pods which grew along the banks of the great pond. He then taught them how to extract the secrets of the “food of the gods” from the beans inside, much to the dismay of Nanahuatzin. Eventually, humans learned to create a delightful liquid treat from the cocoa bean and whip it into a frothy drink. Surely, this wondrous drink, now being enjoyed by humans, was intended for gods! The beans themselves became a symbol of prestige and wealth to the people, and were even used as money. 

Cacao plant To honor the blue frog for revealing this godly secret to humankind, the special substance became known  as Xocolati - - chocolate!

 Yet, even today, humankind must beware that the wrath of Nanahuatzin persists. For when chocolate is  left in the sun god’s view for longer than a few moments, he reminds us of his anger with Xocolati and  melts his revenge on the blue frog’s namesake!


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